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I love to have massages, I think it's really important to relax.

 Freja Beha Erichsen - Danish model and a Vogue cover girl

Massage and Spa Services

Swedish Massage - 1 Hr

Relaxation massage 


Swedish Massage - 1/2 Hr

Relaxation Massage


Swedish Massage - 90 Mins.

Relaxation massage


Deep Tissue Massage - 1 Hr

Neuromuscular - 

Firm Pressure


Deep Tissue Massage - 1/2 Hr.

Neuromuscular - Firm Pressure


Couples Massage

Enjoy the massage 

experience together 

in the same room, each of 

you with your own 

therapist. Any Massage 

can become a couples 

massage - you choose.  

Priced by

Massage Type 

and Time

Massage and Spa Services

Infra-red Bo​dy  Wrap - 1 Hr​

Heated wrap -increases 

metabolism & 

warms muscles. See 

Brochure for details


Hydration Head to Toe - 1 Hr

Service starts with an 

invigorating dry 

brush technique to 

exfoliate dead cells 

while increasing 

circulation. Then you 

are treated to a 30 min. 

massage given 

with a blissful hydration 

body butter that

remains on your skin 

and is not washed

off. Your hands and 

feet are treated to an

extra boost of hydration 

that penetrates

deep with the use of 

warming mitts and

booties. You leave feeling 

silky smooth

and hydrated head to toe! 


Facial and Massage Combo

You enjoy both services 

while never having 

to leave the 

treatment table! 

Priced by the 

choice of facial and massage

"Blissful" Add-on's to Massage and Spa Services

Warm Stones $10

Add therapeutic warm stones to any massage treatment. The warm heat

aids in relaxation and feels 'Blissful" 

Aromatherapy $10

Add the amazing benefits of aromatherapy to any massage. You'll choose your desired aroma  with your therapist  based on your preferences and /or your desired results. 

Tandem Massage

Additional $40 for 1 Hour

Additional $60 for 90 Mins

Two therapists working in 

"Tandem" on one client. The clients' body has the benefit of more massage per hour than any one therapist can provide in the same time alone. 

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