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Be good to your skin. You’ll wear it every day for the rest of your life.

Renee` Rouleau - Celebrity Esthetician

Pro Facials 

Signature Facial

Professional Facial -

 calms, soothes and strengthens all skin 

types.  It is customized 

by  your professional 

Esthetician for your 

specific skin conditions 

and needs. 


Pore Cleansing Facial

This advanced treatment 

combines multiple 

skin treatments - 

giving you a treatment 

wonderful for Acne

prone skin or skin 

needing a deep pore

detox. This is a 

purifying  facial 


Gentleman's Skin Treatment

Professional  skin treatment 

specifically designed to clear, hydrate

and revitalize men's skin


Express Facial 

This quick skin treatment is based around the 

therapeutic mask 

protocol. The specific 

mask protocol used 

will be customized 

to your individual 

skin care needs.  


Combo Massage & Facial

We can combine ANY Facial service with

ANY Massage service. You never leave 

the table - one service is performed right

after the other ."Total Bliss"

Facial Price +

Massage Price

Non-Peel Alternatives

Your licensed professional may 

recommend a non-peel skin treatment

alternative to solve your problem. These 

may include: Therapeutic Mask, Advance

Treatment Booster or Oxygenating Trio

$25 - $45

Lash Lift

Like a perm for your lashes, giving them a nice shape -  

upward and a realistic curl. 

Results last 4-6 weeks


Lash Tint

Consists of adding a special dye to your eyelashes,

giving weeks of dark full 

lashes without mascara. 


Advanced Skin Treatments

Professional Peels

PCA is recognized as the 

originator of the  

modified and 

enhanced Jessner 

Chemical Peel. PCA 

treatments have been 

addressing numerous skin 

conditions with proven 

success over decades. 

These advanced solutions 

combine exfoliating acids, 

melanogenesis inhibitors 

and skin-strengthening 

agents to provide max 

benefits with minimal 

discomfort and

down time.  Your peel will 

be customized to solve 

your skin problems. 

Peels can improve:  

Uneven skin tone,  


(Sun Damage) ,

 Acne, Acne Scaring, 

Fine lines, Dehydrated 

skin, Moderate 

wrinkling, Laxity, 

Uneven skin texture, 

and more. 

Your initial price include 

take home post 

peel products . 

All  estheticians are 

PCA Certified

 skin care professionals. 


Includes Post -


Take-home Kit



With Hemp Oil

 Performed by our licensed professionals.

A blade is used on the 

forehead, cheeks, 

chin, nose and neck. 

Expect instant

improvement in skin 

texture and tone 

while the long term 

effects are increased

   cell turnover, fewer 

wrinkles and dark 

spots, reduction of 

acne scaring and 

removal of fine facial 

hair. All skin types 

benefit but its FAB for 

aging skin and acne 

prone skin. Hairless 

skin = cleanest skin.  

Hair traps oils, dirt 

and debris making 

skin look dull and 

blocking pores.

 After dermaplaning 

products and treat-

ments penetrate and 

perform better - 

makeup looks better too



Add-On's for Skin Services

Eye Brow Wax $10

You can have your brow wax done while you are in the facial room. 

Brow Tinting $ 15

Eyelash Tinting $15

Ophthalmology safe tint can darken your lashes and brows for weeks. Match your new hair color or enjoy dark lashes  or darkened brows without makeup 

Pro Basic Makeover $35

Camera Ready Pro Makeover $50

Our professional makeup artists will provide you with a make up done to your comfort level. Great for special events or just enjoy having someone else do your makeup. 

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