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I wish I could do an entire spa day.

 Martina McBride - Country Music Super Star


"A Day at the Beauty Bar" 

1 Hour Relaxation Massage- with an 


upgrade Facial 

Signature Pedicure - 

with an aroma-

therapy upgrade        

All given with lots of

love and attention! 


3  1/2  Hours

"Just for Him"

A Spa package for the 


1 Hr Relaxation Massage

His choice - "Man"icure or Haircut


1  1/2  Hours

Customize one of ours...

Want to make a change to

 a package or swap a 

service out for a 

different option? Call us - 

we can make it happen!

"Sharing is Caring"

Bring a friend or two 

with you to enjoy

"Beauty Bar" services. 

Mix and match - 

each of you will choose 

two services from 

the options below:

1 Hour Relaxation 


(2 people in 1 room / or separate )


Signature Pedi


Per Person

2  1/2  Hours

Custom Package - 

built by you

Call us - we will build a 

custom package 

for you - working within 

your budget. We would 

LOVE to help 

you design and 

customize a birthday, 

bachelorette party, 

a little girls party 

or any event! 

Eyebrows $10

Add a professional eyebrow

wax to any service or package

Brow Tint $15

Lash Tint $15

Ophthalmology safe tint can darken your lashes and brows for weeks. 

Add a brow or lash tint to 

your  Spa package.

Pro Basic Makeover $35

Professional Camera Ready Makeover $50

Our professional makeup artists will provide you with a make up done to your comfort level. Great for special events or just to enjoy having someone else do it for you.

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